Friday, November 6, 2015

Does it matter where they are?

Does it?

I have to vent.

About two months ago, Jimmy ran into someone who's been supportive of our past adoptions. But this time, not so much apparently. Jimmy was asked why we would "go there and save one of their kids again."  My eyes tear up as I type this...excuse me while I catch my breath.


There are over ONE HUNDRED MILLION ORPHANS IN THE WORLD. Why, oh why, does it really matter WHERE they are?

Jimmy hid this conversation from me for obvious reasons...he knew I'd be upset. And I am.

I don't get it. I don't get why there are sides. Jesus--thank God--didn't take sides. He defends ALL OF US. With all of our complete mess and brokenness, he still loves us. He doesn't care what we look like. He doesn't care what color skin we have. And He doesn't care about the map. AT ALL.

Doesn't EVERY KID deserve to be loved, for crying out loud?

Doesn't EVERY KID deserve a family?

I need my tissues.

Jimmy went on to ask this person what they are doing to help the orphan crisis, and there was no answer. And I must include the fact that the person came later to Jimmy and apologized face to face. But I know there's still people out there with this mindset.

Not only do we forgive, but we pray. In this National Adoption Month and Orphan Sunday upon us, we pray for hearts to be stirred for the orphan. It's the Gospel. Because EVERY CHILD MATTERS. Will you please pray for these precious children, too?

Rant over. Thank you to those who have chosen to help us bring our daughter HOME through provision and prayer, regardless of where she was born. We are so grateful for your support...more than you'll ever know.

And for the record, that person had it completely wrong. These kids have saved us...not the other way around.

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Always wear your tiara said...

I'm sorry that someone said this to you particularly a friend or acquaintance but I am so thankful to your husband for calling them on it and asking what they are doing. I tend to freeze.