Saturday, June 10, 2017

SVF Bible Camp 2017

Bible camp always proves to be one of my favorite weeks, and this year, I went back to leading the snack station. I had done this for a few years in the past, but when Joey and Lulu came home, I switched roles to be their group leader in the camp, because I didn't want to miss a thing about the experience for our little people.

But this year, I was needed back in snack, and I knew that there would be one huge bonus managing this post again...Madi! Since she'd aged out as a camper, I had the opportunity to have her on my team. And WOW, was our team AMAZING!!! Madi and Ana seriously could have run the ship on their own. They made solid decisions, and their work ethic was second to none. These girls were exhausted by noon, and it was crystal clear why!

The down side, of course, was missing everything that the littles were up to. I must admit that I took a few extra trips to the bathroom so I could sneak a peek at them in action. Thankfully, the group leaders and other station leaders were so kind to inform me of their special attributes and happenings each day. And I know that sometimes our kids do shine a little brighter when Mommy's not around to coddle them. This is what I learned through the wonderful people who chose to share with me...

I heard that Joey has a beautiful artistic eye and that he catches on to projects at lightning speed. He needs minimal direction and supervision.

I heard that Charlie, our sweet little dreamer, asks the most deep and intense questions...ones that left even the religion teacher wondering. This year's camp was dedicated to Our Blessed Mother, and through the week, Charlie talked (at home) about numerous visions of Mary. I love that his head was filled with such beautiful thoughts and dreams of her.


I heard that Lulu, our determined little spitfire Lulu, is a wonderful sport who loves playing games, and even wins them sometimes. She was assigned a wonderful pal named Brooke who made her week extra-special. Lulu makes those around her become better people, because she lives out loud, makes people laugh, and doesn't see any limitations within herself.  If you don't see the miracle within her?  Search your own soul.


I am truly blessed each year to be involved with such a loving community of faithful and giving mothers! Yep...still one of the BEST weeks of the year.

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