Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Madi's trip to the hospital

Grandma Murphy's been in the hospital for almost a month now. She has a tear in her intestine that resulted in a raging systemic body infection. This was on top of her course of chemotherapy that ended Christmas week for cancer she's been fighting. God bless her. I hope I have half her strength if I'm ever sick.

Grandma had been saying that she didn't want Madi to come to the hospital for various reasons. She didn't want Madi to get sick. She didn't want Madi to get her sick. Saturday, she must have decided that she couldn't go any longer without seeing Madi! She cleared it with the doctor, and then called us to give us the news. We talked to Madi about it, and she was excited about going to visit Grandma. She asked a million questions about why it was okay to go now, when it wasn't okay to go for the past three weeks, etc. We explained away. She misses nothing.

Madi was so excited about this 'first'. A trip to the hospital. It's so funny how kids see things! She was great. She wasn't a bit afraid. She noticed the tubes and bags and needles, but she was just happy to be with Grandma. She was fascinated with everything, and inspected every inch of the room. One of the highlights was the need to continuously sanitize her hands! She loves that stuff. Madi brought along one of her stuffed animals to visit Grandma too. She chose a stuffed puppy that Grandma had given her. Turns out, Grandma asked if she could keep the puppy for comfort! Madi was thrilled.

We went back on Tuesday for a visit and will go again tomorrow. Madi is looking forward to her visit, especially because Grandma requested another stuffed animal to rest her other arm on! We hope we picked the perfect one:-)

Grandma's doing pretty well, considering. The infection has been dealt with, and they are optimistic that the tear will heal on it's own, since she's eating through an IV. The hardest part seems to be the wait to go home. And for those of you wondering about Grandpa Murphy--he's been a trooper of a husband, as usual. He's at the hospital as much as possible right by her side.

Prayers, please!!


Carrie said...

Oh please tell her I will pray for her. What a strong warrior of a woman she is. I too am humbled by her strength.

PS how is grandpa murphy?

Ana said...

We wish Grandma Murphy a very speedy recovery. Ana and Gi

BIBA said...

We look forward to a full gathering together again - hoping for soon.