Monday, September 27, 2010

Keep an eye out, Mama

We had a strange experience in our neighborhood on Saturday. As Madi and I were walking home from Sherril's house, we passed two very unsavory looking characters. They were walking on the street. We were walking on the sidewalk. Actually, Madi was on her scooter. I gave them a nod and a "how do you do". One of them responded. The other just keep looking straight ahead with a strange grin on his face. Something inside me didn't feel quite right about this.

Madi and I proceeded down the street towards our house, quickly, as they proceeded the other way. As we looked both ways to cross the street, I looked back and noticed that they were now at the corner of the street and they began to argue over something. They were very loud, and they were using crazy body language, flailing their arms. Panic set in. I turned around and they were now heading toward us. I hurried Madi along on her scooter and as we approached the driveway, I was seriously almost dragging her and her scooter. She ended up losing her shoes in the front yard and I had thrown her scooter in the yard too. She scraped her feet. We ran in the house and locked the door. Poor Madi. I had absolutely terrified my daughter. I looked out the front window, and there they were at the corner of our street in front of our house. They still appeared to be arguing. Then they disappeared. I crept out into the backyard and through the fence I could see they had gone down the street near a friend's house. If I'm not mistaken, I think they may have been at the neighbor's house. I also think I heard them get in a car and drive away.

Madi curled up on my lap for a good twenty minutes. After we both calmed down, the following conversation took place:

Mommy: I am really sorry, Madi. I really think that Mommy may have over-reacted.

Madi: No you didn't overact Mama. They were weird, and they were fighting. If they would hurt each other, than they might hurt us too. They looked like they didn't belong here. They looked like they belong in another country.

I couldn't believe how wise she was about the whole situation. I used it as the perfect time for a safety lesson and explained how we need to be cautious and keep our eyes open. She wanted to put on some 'karate clothes', so we went in her room to find something suitable for fighting bad guys. Initially, she picked out an adorable shirt with her name on it. She said, "Yes! That's perfect! It has my name on it!" Then without hesitation she said, "No! I can't wear that! It has my name on it!!! She then told me that I wasn't allowed to wear a Juice Plus shirt because they might try to get samples from me and then they'd be healthy!!!

We went to bed that night thankful that Daddy was finally home after a trip away all week. The next day, the only thing Madi mentioned was, "Remember Mama...keep an eye out!"


Biba said...

ALWAYS listen to your instincts. The balance of advantage was obvious to you.

Madi's response was amazing. Who's the mama here? :-)

Anonymous said...

oh wow.. i would have done exactly what u did--good going mamma bear.. funny b/c yesterday after vpk i took kai to mcdonald's and a wierd lady asked to use my phone in there and then proceeded not to return it and was talking and talking on the phone.. i kept on trying to interrupt her to give the phone back.. i hurried kai to choke down the chicken nuggets to get the phone and get out of there. (no good deed goes unpunished-haha) kai started defending me and loudly repeated and pleaded - my mom needs her phone back.. finally wierd lady gave it back but we kinda ran out and locked the car doors.. i tried to explain to kai that initially yes help people but be careful b/c some people are not good!! lisa- i find it interesting that kai and madi are going thru the same stuff-- ie school tired days, wierd people experiences.. keep on blogging.. love to hear about this stuff.. LOVE YA LOTS--nicki

Mo said...

Frog I can visualize your panic in a second - I've seen it many a time!!!!! I hate to say this made me laugh...but only cuz I knew you were ok...and thank God madi is calm cool and collected...unlike some people - HAHAHA - hey I would have freaked worse than u!


Carmen said...

Sure does feel like Halloween. I had a creepy experience at Publix with Ami too.

Tamara said...

ALWAYS follow your gut! You did the right thing...better safe with over reaction than sorry. Even Madi felt they were up to no good, glad she has her mother's instincts. I am always telling my 'A' to keep an eye out and be safe; especially us girls that concern NEVER goes away. Happy to say, she gets the idea, too.

Good reacting, mama!