Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Up, Up, and Away!

I just don't dedicate enough blog space to our amazing Mei Mei community in South Florida. We have this group of about ten beautiful little gals (Daniel was our little guy:) who will grow up together knowing that they share this common uniqueness of being adopted from China. We were fortunate to join this group about three years ago, and we are so blessed every day to have them. They are wonderfully kind and terrific parents. We are so proud to be among this group of special people.

This weekend was Kai's birthday. Kai turned five two days after Madi. She had a really fun gymnastics party to celebrate. At the end of her party, she handed each guest a goody bag and a balloon. As we walked out the door, Madi asked me if she could send her balloon up to Daniel in Heaven. Of course, I said yes (sorry environmentalists) and asked if she wanted her friends to help too. Every Mei Mei wanted to be included and came outside to help release the balloon to Daniel. It was very touching, especially because some of them only met him a time or two, but his little spirit stuck with them. They are such sweet, sweet girls. Happy birthday, Kai! Thank you for making sure Daniel was part of your celebration too.


Anonymous said...

Lisa-so sweet our meis! And Madi is such a trooper like her mommy and daddy.. Nicki

Biba said...

They're all beautiful.

The caption explains why Madi has such a sweet and satisfied smile on her face, like she's one with the balloon.

Judy said...

Hi Lisa! You guys are so blessed. I miss having an adoption network. Adoption is not very common here and from what I've heard families tend to adopt children that resemble them. We are all enjoying ourselves here but it is those little things that I miss the most. Glad to see your girl so mature and growing up so fast. I'm honestly not ready for Kylie to keep growing. It's happening way to fast for me.

I'm catching up on blogs and I plan to backtrack and hopefully keep updating more often. Looking forward to keeping in touch.

Miss you guys!