Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Our dossier is going to China

Finally! After quite the runaround, our dossier was approved and sent back to Holt from the Chinese Embassy. They will FedEx our dossier to China on Friday, and it will be received on Monday!

This is where it gets interesting. Some families have been waiting weeks for log in dates. Holt is going to see if China will expedite our log in date, based on our circumstances. If, and only if, our dossier is logged in sometime next week, it is possible that we could be matched with a child in the next group of referrals, which will be released next week! This is clearly a long shot, and we realize that. It is more likely that our dossier will be logged in and we'll be set for the next group of referrals in October.

This is when we truly have to believe that what is meant to be will happen. If our perfect match is in this group, we will get our log in date by some miracle. If not, then we will know that our paperwork was stuck at the State Department for a reason--because our baby needed more time to get to us. We just know Daniel has his little hand in this for us.


Anonymous said...

God Speed Dossier!! Very exciting to know the ball is rolling!!

Anonymous said...

OMG - this is so exciting! I can't wait to hear more good news soon.

Ana said...

Sending positive dossier vibes your way! 3Ds