Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Adjusting to a New Life

I'm not sure Charlie could be doing any much better than he is. He's been right on track with sleeping ever since we got home. He's been eating like a champ. We've removed formula from his diet, and he's on all table food now. He really is a good little boy.

We took him to our pediatrician, Dr. Bradford, on Monday. He has gained a pound since we've had him. The most encouraging news is, that once again, we were told his heart seems normal. Dr. Bradford heard a normal heartbeat and also believes his ASD has healed!  We scheduled an appointment at a cardiologist tomorrow morning so we can get an echo-cardiogram and find out if it's true. We pray it's true.
The weekend was very busy with friends and family meeting Charlie and bonding. We had a special visit from one of my dearest friends, Mo, and her family. They came in for the day on Sunday, and we were so thankful to spend some time together. We don't get to see them often. The timing that they were in Orlando on business was too perfect for them not to come down for a visit. Charlie had his first swimming experience at the DeBonis' pool that day too. He loved it!  He never missed a beat as Daddy swirled him around in a little inflatable boat. He truly just goes with the flow.



Melissa Portie said...

Great news about Charlie's heart! We will pray that the cardiologist has the same news for you. I'm a little jealous that you guys are already swimming!

Mo said...

OMG Charlie is SOO beautiful...thanks so much for letting us hang out with him :)

Jeeze that's an awful pix, but it is what it is...

mo et al

Allison said...

Charlie is such a cutie! (I know I keep saying that but he is!) He looks so "at home" with you all. He seems to really like swimming!
I will pray along with you that the cardiologist has good news!

Amy said...

Charlie is just beautiful! (I know I should say 'handsome'...) It is absolutely wonderful news about his heart - & I hope you continue to receive good news! I'll be hoping & praying for you!

Anonymous said...

Charlie is so adorable! He is just perfect. You all look so great together. God Bless.
- Tracy Simmons

Ana said...

Charlie looks fantastic! Glad to hear everything is going well. 3Ds

Anonymous said...

Charlie is beautiful! So happy Mo made it down to see you all! Love you and wish you all God's blessings my NA sista! Love, Tracy

Judy said...

Lisa, Charlie is precious! Congrats! I hope we get to meet him when we come visit this summer.


Barb and Ken said...

Charlie looks so happy with his forever family. I am so happy for all of you.
Nana to five