Friday, April 1, 2011

A Note to Daniel

You did it, buddy.

Soon after you left us for Heaven, you planted a seed in Mommy and Daddy to come back to China and bring another child into our family. So we did. We followed our hearts and God’s plan, and here we are with your little brother, Charlie. We are now a family of four, plus an angel.

We will never, ever forget you. You will always be our first little boy whose spirit was brighter than the sun. We promise to take very good care of Charlie, and we will think of you so often as we watch him grow. He will know all about his big brother and what an amazing little soul you were here on this Earth.

Thank you, Daniel, for teaching us so much about love and about life. Thank you for seeing us through on another divine mission of faith. We thank God for the months you were in our life. We will love you forever, our precious son.

note from the narrator (Andrew). Once again, I am handing back the blog to the Murphys, as they will be arriving home today. It almost seems routine to subvert the Chinese blocking of blogger. Again, I am humbled at the notion of being asked to be the herald of all of this news. Saying hello to Charlie so soon after saying goodbye to Daniel is hard. So I won't.

Hello, Charlie.

See you soon, Daniel.

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Biba said...

Our hearts swell with pride and love at our little families. You're all exemplary people.

We wait impatiently for another 15 hours to meet Charlie face to face personally.

Biba and Grampster