Thursday, April 7, 2011


We took Charlie to the cardiologist today. Dr. Rhoden listened to his heart and heard only an "innocent murmer". They wouldn't even proceed with an echocardiogram. It was deemed unnecessary based on the fact that she heard a "second heart sound".  He's growing normally, so it seems, and he hasn't had a history of illnesses that would put up any red flags. We were instructed to bring him back when he's 3.

When we brought Daniel home from China last year, our friends Michelle and Jerry Gemma gave us a beautiful plaque with a quote that I reflect upon quite often:

"There are two ways to live your life.  Once, as though nothing is a miracle. The other, as though everything is."   Albert Einstein

We are certainly seeing these miracles unfold before our eyes. Hallelujah, hallelujah.


Melissa Portie said...

Fantastic News!!! God is sooo Good! thankful Charlie is healthy - he certainly looks HAPPY!

Andrew said...


Allison said...

This is incredible news! We are so happy for all of you!

White's Journey to Taiwan said...

I'm so happy you stopped by and visited our blog! And, what a beautiful little boy Charlie is!! And, you just got home? Wow!! I would love to learn all I can from you about what to expect. And, it feels amazing to know that I'm speaking with someone who was in the same facility as our little girl we've grown to love through pictures!! That sounds silly doesn't it? :)
And, I absolutely agree with your plaque! And, I've been witnessing miracles on a daily basis lately. And, your family and little Charlie witnessed one today!!
May a life of love and happiness begin for "all"of you now that Charlie has been brought home!! :)
And, thanks again for the sweet post!!

Jennifer and Greg said...

Praising God with you today for the miracle He has given!

I love the way Charlie sucks his fingers. He is quite adorable and I know you are in total love with him.


Barb and Ken said...

That quote is awesome. Would you mind if I used it on my blog?

I am thrilled Charlie is doing so well. You deserve all the happiness life can hold.
God bless.
Nana to five