Tuesday, May 24, 2011

25th Percentile!

Charlie's "well visit" to the doctor yesterday turned out to be a sick visit:( He slept very poorly the night before due to coughing, and he has been a very sticky, gooey baby. There are so many factors in play. First of all, it seems that all of his teeth have decided to come in at once. Molars are popping everywhere and he's one big pool of drool. We are also aware that it's been a very bad season of pollen here in South Florida, which is causing many allergy problems for people. Lastly, he is still facing many new germs and viruses, so he may be fighting something. No fever, but we can't rule that out.  He escaped vaccinations until next time.

Since Charlie's not walking yet, Dr. Bradford wants to consider an MRI of his head if he's not walking in another month. We are seeing such steady progress that we are really hoping that won't be necessary. That's our new motivation to get this little guy steady on his feet quickly. He's taken a few steps here and there, but he still doesn't have the confidence, and maybe the strength, to take off yet.

Now for the good news:  Charlie made the 25th percentile for weight!  He gained 2 pounds! He is now officially on the charts in the 25th percentile for both height and weight categories:)


Biba said...

Before Charlie changes any more, you must get a photo shot of his smarmy little Jack-in-the-Box smile :-)

Amy said...

Yay Charlie!! Our Milo was doing the same thing as Charlie- standing really steady, taking a one or two steps here & there, walking with a death-grip on our hand.. and today, he started walking!! It will be any day for Charlie too, I'm sure!!