Sunday, May 29, 2011


I can't believe a year has passed
Since we said goodbye
To you, our precious Daniel James
So many questions why

We fell in love with our first sight
Of you and your beautiful face
We knew your body was broken
But your spirit was full of grace

You fought so hard to stay on Earth
To be part of our family
But the Good Lord had a bigger plan
That we just could not see

You touched so many along the way
Our hearts were blessed by you
Perhaps that was the plan of God
To teach us a thing or two

And so He chose to take you up
And leave us all down here
We'll meet with you again someday
We miss you so much, my dear


Amy said...

Beautifully written.. & so touching. Your family is in our thoughts & prayers. Bless you.

Biba said...

Daniel taught us how vulnerable all our hearts are .... He is not alone. He has taken a piece of every one of us with him. It is our joy that he did.

allie said...

What a beautiful poem for a beautiful boy. We will never forget Daniel. Love to you all.

Rog N Deege said...

Thinking of you!

Mo said...

Love you Frog. sweet poem.
cant believe Madis movin up to kindygarten hang in there and take care of your beauties.... :) God Bless you lil cuties xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo mo

Jennifer and Greg said...

I will never forget coming home from the beach last year and checking your blog. The "Our Angel" post broke my heart. Both Greg and I cried that night. He had fought so hard and it just wasn't right. Even a year later it doesn't seem right.

We all take comfort knowing he is in heaven!

Beautiful poem!

Many blessings,