Thursday, May 5, 2011

Healthy Baby

Here's the little boy that's been trying to eat the cat's food. Does he look under nourished?

Charlie is doing great. We received his blood work results this week, and he was good in all departments:) That gave us a sigh of relief after the lab ordeal last Thursday. I asked Bubba to go along for the ride since Jimmy was working. Madi insisted on going and helping Charlie. Having been through this when Madi was first home, and having been through everything with Daniel, I knew this trip to the lab would be 'no picnic'.

Bubba volunteered to hold Charlie, and I gladly obliged. Madi and I stood close by to coach him and console him. He started crying the minute we walked into the lab. It was as if he knew what he was in for. He stared at his little arms as they tied rubber bands tightly around them, and his face went blank as he tried to figure out what was happening. I know the rubber bands hurt him--they hurt me for crying out loud! That's when he lost it totally. The phlebotomists found a good vein in his left arm to work with right away. Beautiful. Except the good vein stopped working halfway through the torture. They pushed the needle in a little further. Then they decided to pull it out a bit. They kept telling us to make sure he didn't move, because that might hurt him more. The blood finally started to flow again...for a minute. Then it stopped again. They adjusted the needle a few more times. All over, what seemed, very casual conversation. My Mom tried to remain cool, but I could see she was freaking out inside. We all were. At one point, Madi's head disappeared underneath my shirt.

They soon decided to pull out of the left arm and try the right. We were thankful that the right arm seemed to flow freely right away. They managed to get the four adult-sized vials they needed for all of the tests. It was a grueling ten minutes. Sure seemed like more. It's hard to imagine what was going through that little mind as he sat there helpless with no idea this was for his own good.

We went directly to IHOP afterwards since it was nearly lunch time, and Bubba was quickly forgiven over a massive bowl of grits. Bubba felt like she had a lot of making up to do. Charlie ate like a king. He napped well that day too, poor baby. Madi declared that she wished she hadn't been there. It was more difficult than she expected--than we all expected.

So, we are thankful that it's over. We are rejoicing in the news of good results, and hoping that he won't need to go back to the lab for a long time.


Carmen said...

Two gorgeous kids. Love that Charlie is fattening up and healthy. And love Madi's tenderness with her siblings. She is so special.

Amy said...

Poor Baby!! I'm so happy all has turned out well. You have the most adorable kids! And it shows on their faces how much they are loved. Such a great family!!

Anonymous said...

Great news.. Loving your pics and blog.. Charlie is super cute!! Madi is a sweet and loving big sis! Nicki

Biba said...

The worst moment for me was when he looked back up into my face with this look of "Oh no, et tu Brutus".