Saturday, August 13, 2011


Yep.  Already.

Back to school starts the week after next.

I think we're probably late to the "Twinkle Toes" party, but Madi was certain these were the shoes she wanted for the big "K" school year. She had two stipulations--they had to be purple, and they had to light up. Mommy had a different stipulation--they had to be on sale!

We finally found the "perfect" pair the other day. They met all criteria except they do not light up. Madi settled. On the way home, she declared, "Mommy...I think it's good they don't light up. It would probably distract the other children in class."  So proud of her reasoning...

We have been busy gathering school supplies from Banyan Creek's list this past week. We found an adorable backpack to fill up with her required "stuff". It certainly helps bring some excitement into something that she's a bit apprehensive about--new school, new teacher, new friends. Our "big girl" has actually been making noises that she would like to be a baby again. We know she'll be fine once she gets in there. It's just a lot to think about for her.

Jimmy and I remember the good old days of shopping for school for our own school supplies. Back then, pencil boxes were made of cardboard, and lunchboxes were made of metal!


Mo said...

She is going to be the smartest one in the class :)...looking good Madi! Xo

Anonymous said...

A D O R A B L E !!!!!!

nicki :-)

Barb and Ken said...

Hi. I was so hoping you and the family were going to be at the China Reunion. It was my understanding you were down as coming. I was talking to Tammy's father (his life story is sooo interesting)and he said he gets to see you while he is in Florida. My husband and I are snowbirds for the month of March. I would love it if we could meet you wherever is most convenient for you and your family. The reunion was wonderful. There are such great people in this group. I finally got to meet Judy and Sean Durney and Kiley, of course. We developed a blog friendship. She is such a sweetheart. I'm sure you will see lots of pictures.

How is Charley since the coffee episode? I hope he is right back as before.

Take care and keep updating your blog. I look so forward to your postings.
God Bless,
Nana to five