Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Negotiator

I have been in discussions with Madi about caring for our cats lately. She's at an age where she could handle feeding them, and I thought perhaps she could use that as a chore to make some money.

Tonight before bed, she noticed that they needed a food fill-up. As we tended to their bowls, the following discussion took place:

Madi:  "You know, Mommy, I could start taking care of the cats for you."

Mommy:  "Oh yeah, Madi?  What would you do?" (trying to feel out the scope of the position in her mind)

Madi:  "Ten."

Mommy:  "Ten dollars? I was thinking more like five per week, Madi."


Madi: "Seven!"  (She shouts desperately as she chases me down the hallway)

I wish her Kindergarten teacher good luck this year...


Biba said...

This will serve her handsomely up to, and including when she utters the words, "I promise to love, honor, and negotiate!"

Ana said...

I have a negotiator on my hands too! :) 3Ds