Thursday, December 8, 2011

And the winner is...

Several weeks back, when I picked up Madi at school, she asked me with excitement, "Mommy!  Do you know what a Nook is?"

Before she allowed me any time to respond, she then said, "It's something that can help you read!  And we can get one for just one dollar!"

"Really?"  I replied with a chuckle, already aware of the upcoming fundraiser at the school book fair.

So I took the opportunity to teach her how a raffle contest works and explained that her dollar would not get her the Nook, but rather a chance at winning one.

The next day, we filled out eight entries and tucked them into her school folder along with the money.

When I greeted Madi at school this afternoon, she came running at me full throttle to happily announce that she won the raffle!

The story was too cute. They first announced that the winner was a Kindergarten student in Miss Maldonado's class. Madi described how all the children crossed their fingers and how she tightly closed her eyes in anticipation of the results.

Then they did a drum-roll over the loudspeaker, and finally announced that Madolyn Murphy won!  Her gleeful expression when she told the story indicated that she must've been over the moon. She walked proudly to the Media Center to collect her prize, accompanied by the two class messengers for the week.

We are so thrilled for her, though neither Jimmy nor I have a clue as to what this Nook Tablet can do yet. We are in the process of setting it up tonight, and it looks pretty darn awesome! And not a bad deal for eight dollars!

I can't wait for the day when she can download Daniel's story on her Nook:)


Nana and Papa said...

Wonderful!! You all will love it. All these new gadgets are just go great. But I have a daughter who gets carried away. You don't need to have all of them.

I can see you're getting all set for the holidays. Enjoy every moment. I'm sure gonna once all the work gets done.

Happy Holidays,
Barb Nana to five

Anonymous said...

So great! Christmas comes a little early for Ms. Madi! Yeah!
Tracy Simmons