Monday, December 5, 2011

Bubba and Grandpa are back!

When they left in May, it seemed like it would be forever until they came back from California.

And now, like the snap of a finger, they're here again. My how time flies.

Madi accompanied me to the airport late Thursday night. There's no way we could have held her back from collecting Bubba.

We got them home and settled. Madi was in bed by midnight and needed her first late pass (anticipated in advance) the next day. Totally worth it.

Bubba surprised Madi and came with us to our Girl Scout outing to the Humane Society after school on Friday.

They do unbelievable work there at our tri-county no-kill animal shelter. They truly are angels.

Each of the Daisies and Brownies in our troop made blankets to deliver to the animals. The cats seemed to take to their blankets right away. It was a neat experience to see how loved and well cared these homeless animals are.

We spent Friday evening getting back on track at their house.  Charlie was re-introduced to them and to their great, big bathtub. He loved it though he was literally up to his ears in bubbles at times!

Charlie loves walking around with Grandpa's cane. In fact, both the kids do. Madi named one of them his "candy cane," so Bubba helped her turn it into one by decorating it with red and white.

We've wasted no time throwing Bubba and Grandpa right back into the mix of things. We're so thankful that they are back:)


Biba said...

It does seem almost like we never left. Time does flit. Good to be back with all the "kids". :-) The house and garden were in splendid repair. Some elf has done an excellent job.

Andrew said...

Did you know that Lindsey came from that shelter?