Wednesday, December 21, 2011


A song written by Madi 
(and translated by Mommy)

The tim is hire 
(the time is here)

it is crismis Ev 
(it is Christmas Eve)

The Buls are ringing 
(the bells are ringing)

crismis is so fun 
(Christmas is so fun)

it is not a bot tos 
(it is not about toys) 

it is a bot jesis 
(it is about Jesus)

if you are lukey a lf will kom to yr hos 
(if you are lucky, an elf will come to your house)

But not ares 
(but not always) 

if you havit wune tim it wil com bak 
(if you have it one time, it will come back)

crismis is fun
(Christmas is fun)

it is a bot shiring a bot ciring and loveing to
(It is about sharing, about caring, and loving, too)

so crismis is for evebudey
(So, Christmas is for everybody)


Biba said...

Madi gets the real spirit of Christmas. That being said, she will still be looking for her cache under the tree. :-)

Ann said...

So very precious! Love catching up on your family!