Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Mayor

At the end of Mass on Sunday, a very kind man--with a chuckle--said to me, "He walks around like he's the Mayor--shaking hands and kissing babies!"

I was so relieved to here this.

Because from my perspective, Charlie seemed more like the chief organizer of some extremist political protest. He was boisterous (at all the wrong times), and he was definitely a "stand out" in the crowd.

I had been very busy in the pew that morning trying to keep him occupied while he grabbed at his sister's crayons and incessantly cried out, "Choo Choo, Choo Choo"  when I pulled his Thomas book from our bag 'o tricks. Big mistake.

Unfortunately, that was all I saw. That is, until the kind man pointed out all "the good" in Charlie's actions.

He actually did deliver his sippy cup to a crying baby. He did shake hands and wave at people around him (including Father Ridore), he did pucker up for anyone who looked willing to kiss him back, and he did strut down the aisle as if he were "well-connected."

I love how the Holy Spirit sends messengers to "keep it real," and I'm grateful for it.

Perhaps Charlie will be Mayor someday...


Biba said...

I'm curious to see how he reacts to us taking over his "other house".

Anonymous said...

Lisa, whenever there is a lack-luster sermon, I am extremely grateful for a child like Charlie to entertain me. A crying child is not fun but a child just being a child is always fun to watch. - Tracy