Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Totally not worth it.

I posted in July, after my knee injury, about how I took Charlie to the baby room at the YMCA, and he was absolutely fine with it. In fact, he seemed to enjoy it.

Charlie has had quite the opposite reaction the last two times I've taken him back to the playroom.

Absolute meltdown.

I mean, he can't catch his breath meltdown.

Totally. Not. Worth. It.

Not for this Mama, anyway.

Don't get me wrong. I'm not judging those who leave their children in a playroom. I'm just fessin' up that I'm a bit weak in this department. I'm all for a good workout, but not at the expense of my son's emotional state. I'm not willing to put Charlie back into an "institutional" setting with lots of kids and a few caretakers when (just my opinion) I believe it's an all-too-familiar setting for him.

And it's obviously way too close for comfort.

Maybe I'm over-analyzing, which I'm famous for 'round here. But I don't think I am.

So it's back to taking nice, quiet strolls in the morning for us, and I will embrace every moment of his attachment process.

Until Bubba gets here on 12/1, that is. Then maybe I'll get to sneak out for an hour or two a week while Bubba and Grandpa enjoy some quality bonding time with their Grandson...

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Biba said...

if he melts down with us, we'll just tag along to watch and cheer you on.