Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Big Boy

I think I'm in trouble here.

Baby boy, as we speak, is napping in his "big boy bed" for the first time.

What in the world did I just do?  Oh my, how I think this will bite me in the you-know-what.

When we went in for his nap, he grabbed his blanket (which he's become quite attached to) and climbed up into the bed.

I put his jammies on him, and then prodded him to get into his crib.

He made sounds of displeasure at the very idea, and I...well...I caved.
I'm such a sucker...

I gave him a kiss and closed his door. When I went back to check on him 15 minutes later, he was sound asleep.

It will be interesting to see where this goes. The thought of my two-year old out of his crib makes me crazy.

I wonder if I can warm him up to the idea of napping in the bed and sleeping in the crib at night?

Oh, Dear Lord I hope so!

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