Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Turned the corner

Just one day after Charlie made it perfectly clear that he wants more Mommy time, he made huge strides at Mommy & Me class this morning.

For months, he has chosen not to participate preferring to sit on my lap as an observer. It was almost comical because we would get home and I would catch him practicing some of the moves.

I started to believe that Charlie thought it was my class, not his.

But this morning, he turned the corner. Different kid altogether.

Charlie did everything. He participated in every song and every movement. He was vocal, and he was engaging.  This morning, Charlie Murphy emerged from his shell at the YMCA, and it made me very happy.

So happy that I didn't expect to react the way I did. I couldn't have suppressed the tears if I'd tried.

It was just so very rewarding to witness such a transformation...


Biba said...

Well, there's your answer.

He probably thought you were leaving him in the day care room to go to Mommies and Me without him the time before.

Anonymous said...

I remember when Tommy started to relax and make himself at home. He was so timid at first, always acting like a guest in his own home. He's so "at home" now I almost forgot about those early days. Now we have to tell him about "inside voices" and stomping, running, jumping until everything is shaking. Thanks for reminding me how precious those sounds are. - Tracy Simmons