Monday, November 28, 2011

Tree Angel

The angel atop our Christmas tree has a new look this year. She's holding a Chinese Love Knot in her arms.

The Chinese knot has come to be the symbol of reunion, luck, harmony, and love. Traditionally, a Chinese knot must be bent, tied and crafted from a single red rope, to express the endless circle of happy life and its red-color represents beauty, happiness and wishes.

This love knot was given to us in China when we brought Daniel home.

It will stay in her arms forever now, on our tree, and will serve as a sweet reminder that Daniel's with us at Christmas time.

It was a busy weekend of preparing our home for the holidays. We put up our tree yesterday, and Madi put on all of the breakable ornaments while Charlie was napping.

What a sight for him when he woke up. He came into the living room and said, "Woooowwww!"  I'm sure he's not seen anything like it! He jumped right in and helped to decorate the tree while we danced around to Christmas music.

Yesterday marked the beginning of Advent season in our Catholic faith, and we are focused on the coming of Christ and preparing, in joyful anticipation, of His coming.


Biba said...

Thank you for letting us "see" this magic moment.

Nana and Papa said...

Such a beautiful Angel holding a red knot that symbolizes everything your family is.
God bless,
Nana to five