Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Birthday Girl

I can't believe I haven't posted in over a week. Seems like we've been in a whirlwind around here!

Madi turned seven on September 19th. Typing that even sounds strange to me. She is like a ginormous puppy, and it is almost painful to hold her she's so big! Our feet are almost the same size now, and I'm not kidding!  Where does the time go?

Madi's actual birthday fell on a Wednesday this year. She had baton that afternoon and the three of us picked her up and surprised her with dinner out at her favorite restaurant, La Bamba (mexican). The smile on her face, as our van turned into the parking lot, was absolutely priceless. Worth every penny.

Madi opted for the "framily" (family + friends = framily) birthday party this year, so we allowed her to make that choice on behalf of little brother, too. Keeping things small and simple seemed to work for her this year. For both of them, actually!

Again this year, Bubba and Grandpa gifted them with the arrival of a HUGE water slide over the weekend. They had a great time all day long. We were surprised at just how much Charlie enjoyed the slide. He wasn't afraid one bit, and I can't imagine how sore those little legs must've been by the day's end. Suffice it to say, it took those two several days to catch up on their rest!

One of the highlights of the day was the ice cream truck, believe it or not. We hadn't seen that truck all summer long, but what do you know--it showed up that day out of the clear blue! And, of course, we had to take advantage. Happy birthday, beautiful Madolyn. You brighten our lives every day, and we thank God for giving you to us.

Watching and waiting
Testing the waters
Madi on the Monster Wave
Charlie's first ride
Waiting for the ice cream truck
Waiting for ice cream!

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Nana and Papa said...

Wow! What a huge water slide. My grandchildren would love it. I absolutely love the picture of Madi and Charlie called "Watching and Waiting." It demonstrates how much they love each other:~)

The more I see pics of Madi, the more I see a resemblance to our Emily.

Lisa, Kristen finished her 5th chemo last week. Three more to go in this painful road to being cancer free. After chemo, on to step two.

Love seeing pictures of your darlings.
Take care,
Nana to five