Monday, September 17, 2012


The little guy turned three yesterday. 

Jimmy and I listened on the monitor as Madi ran into Charlie's bedroom yesterday morning to wake him up and begin the celebrations. She gave him a blow-by-blow about how we'd go to church, and then have lunch, and that after his nap, Grandpa and Miss Suzanne would come over.

And we'd have choc choc cake. "Yum!"  Charlie shrieked with joy.

She'd been preparing him for that scenario all week. 

Since Madi's birthday falls on Wednesday this week, we'd planned to celebrate doubly.

Grandpa and Miss Suzanne showed up with birthday gifts in hand, and Madi was thrilled to open her much-hoped-for gift of a face painting kit.

How could we possibly say no?

Charlie becomes a butterfly
"Close your eyes, Charlie!"
Madi named my design, "The Blob."
The Butterfly and The Blob
Daddy's a vampire
Group Shot!
Madi's Diva Design
Now that's a beautiful face.
Blowing out the candles - his favorite part

Happy Birthday, Char Char!  
We love you!!


Biba said...

What a blast. You all haven't changed a bit :-) The artwork is - well, what can you say? A blob is a blob.

1001tears said...

how fun!!! Love the pictures.

Congrats on your book!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Sweet Charlie! Lisa - I started your book yesterday and I have about 30 pages left to go. Well done Momma! I read past 3am. last night. I can't stop. I want to see you so much after reading this. I want to adopt again and I want a closer walk with Jesus everyday. You have inspired me so much. Too much to put here but I will write soon. Love to all of you. Tracy Simmons