Sunday, September 9, 2012

Back to Baton

Madi kicked off her new-found love of baton by attending the fall kick-off camp this weekend.

As predicted, she shined.

Ever since I spotted, on the website, that the company has a "performance group," which gets the opportunity to entertain at an FAU football game and the Delray Beach Christmas parade, our daughter's had her eye on the ball.

Yesterday, when I dropped her off at camp, I ran into a good friend whose daughter seriously excels in the sport. After we chatted for a few, my friend mentioned that she would kindly "put in a good word" for Madi, since she's a beginner to the sport.

This morning, when we arrived at camp, the owner approached me and asked of Madi's intentions. She and the instructors had taken notice of Madi's advanced abilities and indicated that they would like her to be part of their performance team, should an extra position exist!

I assumed my friend had "taken care of business" as per our conversation...

When Madi and I returned home this afternoon after camp, I sent a message to my friend to thank her for her assistance.

And I received the most unexpected reply:

"I wish I could take credit! I didn't get a chance to talk to her. Madi has that sparkle and got noticed on her own!! Jeanne always seeks out the shining stars! I'm excited for Madi, I hope she continues to love it!"


We are so happy for Madi...of course she didn't our need help!

How could I possibly think otherwise? 

Thank you, Lord.

I stand corrected...but continually try to listen with an open heart!  We'll keep our fingers crossed for that open spot!


Biba said...

Even in the crouch position her legs are ready to spring. Perfect! Could she be any more concentrated?

We're so looking forward to seeing her skills.

Go Madi!

Anonymous said...


We don't have baton here in England, I don't think...

Hope she enjoys it!