Tuesday, July 9, 2013

A first-the movies!

Last week, I finally felt like it was the right time to take Charlie to see his first movie at the cinema. Monsters University was the only "G" rated movie playing, so that simplified the decision making process for me. I really wasn't sure how he'd do, given his sensitivities to loud noises, and being the squirmy little guy that he is. So I was thankful that we had some of our best buddies, Carmelina and Sophia (and their parents), to make the trip with us, and I knew big sister would be a good helper, too.

Our timing wasn't great, and we found ourselves a bit ahead of schedule. It was pouring rain, so we decided to make a pit stop at Barnes and Noble. Charlie loves the train table, and once again, I forgot just how relaxed my son gets when he's in the presence of this table. This was the third time I've been in this same situation, at the same place, and completely unprepared, again. Yeah...sorry for the T.M.I., but please remind me where to go if I ever tell you that my son's constipated. Okay?  Thanks.

The trip really started out a little bumpy, as you can imagine, but it was all uphill from there...

He did great! The girls shot right up to the highest row possible, which Charlie loved, given his obsession with stairs. I had forgotten what it's like taking a little one to the movies and trying to sit them in those big seats. The seat quickly flipped up and sandwiched him, to which he hollered, "WHOA!" He's such a sport. Luckily, I had his backpack handy, so I used that as a backrest to sufficiently prop him up.

While the previews played, Charlie was very animated and squealed quite a bit, and loudly, I should add. He was totally ready for the occasion. I was a little nervous when the movie started, and the monsters were practicing their "scaring skills." Thankfully, no repercussions so far.

Charlie enjoyed the movie, for the most part, but he did get a little antsy towards the end. Don't we all sometimes, after being held captive for two hours? And that was partially my fault for poor timing smack in the middle of the day when he's the most tired. More than anything, I think he loved the snacks.

Next time, and there will be a next time, I will definitely shoot for an earlier movie, more popcorn, and no stops at Barnes & Noble before the show!

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