Tuesday, July 30, 2013


We enjoyed our little annual summer getaway to Marco Island a couple of weekends back. We pretty much charge our life on a Marriott Visa card and reap the rewards each year with the points we accumulate. It is amazing how these three days/two nights refresh us and feel like we're away for a week. It is a beautiful venue and only a two-hour drive. Sweet.

The kids really enjoyed swimming together this year. Charlie has become quite the water baby, and Madi loves helping him "practice fim" as he says.


The resort has a really fun water slide that the kids love. This year, Charlie really loved it. He must've gone down one hundred times. And yes...he was tall enough:) 

It cracked us up, because it seemed like he was making his way through the line pretty quickly. Then we realized he was probably cutting, so Madi followed him, and yep...guilty. So, big sister took the opportunity for some teaching moments about line etiquette and patience. Charlie happily complied.


The kids enjoyed their first poolside Pina Colada. I know what you're thinking, and yes...they were alcohol free people!  Look at our little diva relaxing in style!

On day two, we rented a water hammock. Charlie's favorite part was pulling the anchor up and then letting it go. All  that anchor haulin' wears a boy out. 


I found myself, again this year, totally addicted to shelling. I don't know what it is about trying to find that one perfect shell. We always end up with a bucket full, and I do love the thrill of the hunt!

We really had a great weekend, and our little monkeys were great travelers.  We can't wait until next summer to return!


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Biba said...

Just read this and it's absolutely wonderful.

Madi is the big sister every sibling wishes he/she had had growing up. She learned her ropes solo and she's eager to pass that knowledge on. Priceless!