Thursday, August 8, 2013

The Library

Madi and I were so excited to take Charlie to the library yesterday.  Getting him his first library card was BIG on our agenda.  But on Charlie's?  Not so much.

We were accompanied by three of Madi's friends, and the four girls all ran around like old pros searching for books and movies, while Charlie and I sat at a little child-sized table and read a few books together. Then he grabbed a few puzzles. Bubba got this little "creature of habit" used to making puzzle time a part of his library routine. He loves them, and he's rather good at putting them together, too!

Then it was time to check-out, which meant library card time. Madi was so pleased to assist Charlie. He was more intent on marching around aimlessly--and loudly--through the library checkout area as if were some kind of Indian Chief at a pow-wow...on peyote, I might add. 

Silly boy. Yeah. He's still trying to warm up to the concept of  "quiet" during a library visit!

I filled out the necessary forms at the front desk, and BINGO. Charlie's new library card was ready shortly thereafter. He was pleased to bring home three Clifford books. And he wasted no time trying to bend his new card in half.  

Boys will be boys.


Rita Buettner said...

Oh, his very first library card! How exciting!

Biba said...

He looks VERY pleased with his card. Madi is the best big sister any child could hope for.

Great milestone.