Sunday, February 9, 2014

Blankie Tales


After we were home a while with Charlie, we introduced him to a little blanket. It had belonged to his big brother Daniel, though he'd never cared for it much. So we passed it along to Charlie, and he adored it from the get-go. It truly became his beloved blanket.

Charlie affectionately named his blanket, "Bee Bee" which meant "baby," but he couldn't pronounce it quite right. Bee Bee never left his sight, and he relied on that soft piece of fabric as much as he relied on his middle two fingers to soothe him.


At some point in the past year, Charlie decided that he wanted to really be "at one" with his blanket. Wouldn't it be better if he could climb into Bee Bee? So, Charlie broke apart the seam of his two-ply blanket, and tore at the thread until he had created a sack, like a sleeping bag. What a cozy idea!


It didn't take long before Charlie then decided that he wanted a BIGGER Bee Bee. I mean, bigger is better, right? So he decided to tear apart the other two seams of his two-ply blanket, until he had created a gigantic one-ply blanket.

His new creation kinda came in handy as a leash for Mommy's use, or more like a pull rope, at times, but I must say, as the primary maintenance provider of the blanket, this extra large stage was disastrous. Can you say "germ-fest?" We felt totally blessed that Charlie wasn't sick all the time since Bee Bee was constantly filthy from being dragged on the floor and stepped upon.


Once Charlie got tired of Bee Bee being so unmanageably large, and it often went missing because OCD Mommy had thrown it into the wash yet AGAIN, our clever young son thought maybe bigger wasn't better, maybe MORE was the answer.

So he ripped that blanket in two.

It became somewhat of a bonus for me, the primary Bee Bee seeker and handler. For now, I could conveniently wash one Bee Bee, while the other was being continuously exposed to filth and squalor...and then put right into our son's mouth like a chew-toy.


Most recently, Charlie has latched on to the idea that many Bee Bees would be totally ideal. And since he's recently discovered what a joy scissors can be, he decided to cut his Bee Bee into pieces. One would think it would be easier for Charlie to have unlimited access now, given his multiple parts, but actually, for some reason, he seems to be losing them more. I find these tattered and torn pieces tucked and hidden into the strangest places.

Charlie also decided it was time for a name change, and is now the proud owner of his six separate pieces, all named "Blankie."  However, since I am losing track of who's who, I might be assigning numbers to these guys shortly.

On the upside, I am finding it easier to keep a good rotation of these pieces clean...when I can find them.

And so, I ask, what do you think the next chapter will be here folks? Is our son trying to rid himself of his precious blanket once and for all?

Will the next chapter of this story be "Bee Bee's" Disappearing Act?  And once all the pieces disappear, will he be seeking a replacement?



Anonymous said...

I just finished your book today. Let me tell you, it changed my life. I cried and cried as I went through a similar experience with our daughter from China who was born with a complex CHD. We still miss her six years later, but God's grace has sustained us.
Do you know of any other stories about Chinese adoptions?
Thank you, sweet friend.

Anonymous said...