Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Student of the Month

On Valentine's Day, I was taken completely by surprise when I was greeted by Madi's name in bright lights on the school marquee as I walked past with Charlie in the stroller! I couldn't help but get a little misty. She just works so hard, and she's so deserving. 

This milestone is no surprise to Jimmy and me, though. Seriously. Our daughter is a fiercely determined child. Madi honestly possesses the "eye of the tiger."

I find it funny that several people have bestowed kudos upon Jimmy and me for doing a "good job" with her, given her achievement, but honestly, we really can't take much credit for her success. She is a completely driven self-starter. She'll come home from school and sit down right away to complete her homework. Madi strives to read chapter books during the school day to accumulate Reading Counts points, which--by the way--is her after school recreational activity of choice. 

And math? Oh, yes, her favorite subject, math. Madi's class began working on their times tables at the beginning of February, and she's already memorized all but two of them and passed the tests. Unstoppable.

She's the type of kid that volunteers to present her project first, and apparently delivers in such a way that she has a possible future in public speaking. She's been a professional negotiator since she was a toddler.

But what we adore most about our student of the month is her big heart and her kind nature. Madi is considerate of others. She's a good friend, and she will take time to help those who struggle; she will take extra steps to ensure that no one feels excluded or left out. Our girl is not hung up on insignificant things, such as her wardrobe or other "stuff." She doesn't know a thing about name brands, and I love it (knowing that this will likely change in her future)! She loves Jesus and she knows all of her prayers for Holy Communion by heart and recites them every night in joyful anticipation of her upcoming sacrament. She's a good kid with her priorities in order, for sure.

As I ponder the many factors, and the many people who've helped mold her along the way, many names pop into my head. Most are the names of the teachers who've loved her from the time she attended the Little Owls program at the YMCA, to speech classes, to Pre-K, to elementary school and CCD classes, where she is now. These are the amazing role models who praised Madi and built her confidence, who instilled in her a desire to adore learning through their passion for teaching. These are heroes in our daughter's life, and it's clear they've made such a positive impact on her. We've been so blessed by their efforts, and Jimmy and I will forever be grateful to them for giving our "Student of the Month" the incredible foundation that she obviously has.

Dawn Marshall Moss
Lora Kennedy
Kendra Bivins 
Dana Johnson
Clare Avogardo
Charde Maldonado
Dina Barganier
Kathi Mueller
Marissa Tata 
Sister Lucy

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