Tuesday, October 7, 2014

A milestone!

So yesterday I posted about cocooning, and today--it seems--we've temporarily busted out.

The kids and I have standing haircuts every six weeks with my hair dresser of twenty-five years, Debbie. Madi had an after school club today, so I decided (with no shortage of hesitation) to take the boys. Yes, it's a long drive. Yes, it defied the predictability factor. But, yes, at least one of these boys desperately needed a haircut.

Joseph wasn't thrilled about getting into the car, but it helped that Charlie was there, too. I thoroughly did not expect for Joseph to get his haircut, but only to be an onlooker to the scene, and to watch mom and Charlie have their locks tended to. He fell asleep in the car, so when we arrived, I carried him in. He was standoffish to pretty much everyone who wished to meet him--which I anticipated--but, generally, he seemed okay with it all.

I sat back and relaxed with my head in the sink for the usual routine of late...Debbie on one side massaging my head with shampoo, and Charlie on the other side trying to help, while rubbing shampoo all over my face. Joseph stood next to him carefully watching and taking notes.

Debbie took one look at Joseph and said she wanted to clean him up, too. I let out a sigh and told her that we could try, but I fully intended for him to only observe today. I really wasn't sure he was up for it.

The two stayed occupied playing with curler rods while Debbie chopped my mop first. And then it was Charlie's turn.  He, as usual, did great for his shampoo. Then, Debbie moved him into the chair, and within five minutes of her magic, Charlie began to dose off in the middle of his haircut! It was hilarious. He was sound asleep and his head was bouncing around like a bobble head doll...she is amazing to work in those conditions!


I finally put Joseph down in a chair so I could stabilize Charlie's head. After she was done, we moved him back to the sink (still fast asleep, lol).

And then this happened. 


Debbie called Joseph over, and he did not hesitate one bit and hopped right up into the chair! It was predictable. He'd watched Mama and Charlie get our haircuts, and he was totally okay with having his done, too. He's obviously had haircuts in China, that we knew. I just wanted him to be comfortable with it all...and he was!

Two suckers later, and Joseph's first haircut in the U.S.A., the three of us were headed for home, sweet home!


Kim said...

And no picture of Joseph's new haircut????

kim said...

Thank you … how handsome! Charlie's picture hysterical!