Sunday, October 12, 2014

Three Gifts.

Once upon a time, there were two sisters. As little girls, they each decided to start their own collection of pennies. And, like all little girls, they both dreamed of how they'd use their precious savings someday.

As the years went on, these two sisters shared their special tradition, and continued to collect pennies as they entered into adulthood.

Sixteen years ago, one of these sisters went to Heaven. When she lost her life on Earth, and gained her life in Heaven, the other sister inherited her treasured penny collection. She continued, all the while, to collect pennies for both of them, and vowed that she would use the money someday to honor her sister in Heaven, whom she loved and missed so much.

Sounds like a Fairy tale? 

Several days before we left China, our friend, Dawn, arrived at our door. She handed me an envelope, with a simple please open the card before we left for Joseph.

Her beautiful, heartfelt note unveiled the beautiful story that I've written above. And it gets sweeter.

Dawn thought of her sister and decided that they--together--could help make our journey to Joseph even more special. One sister on Earth. One sister in Heaven. Guided by the Holy Spirit.

So, she cashed in all those pennies--many years worth--and it was her wish that, while back in China, we would buy each of our children a special gift from their homeland.

Three gifts.

For Joseph, we found a Chinese Gourd Flute Hulusi Woodwind. This musical instrument is made from a gourd, and even though we found this treasure in Guangzhou, we discovered that it was actually made in the capital city Kunming, of Yunnan province where we adopted Joseph! So meant to be... 

For Madi, we found the most beautiful authentic fan made of genuine peacock feathers from Joseph's province! Gorgeous as the model holding it, right?

For Charlie, it was easy, really. Our boy loves a tea party. Honestly, he does! We found this spectacular china tea set in "handsome" colors. Charlie was so happy when he opened that box! A tea party took place promptly at 10:00 a.m. Saturday morning after they opened their gifts!

Dawn, we are so grateful for your generosity and for the beautiful legacy left by you and your sister. Thank you, thank you for blessing our children with your treasured pennies! These gifts will be long-lasting, and we all have very grateful hearts for such a meaningful gesture. Our family will always remember those pennies from Heaven, dear friend.

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Dawn said...

Tears of joy & sadness as I read your post. I miss my sister more than words can say. If there were tears in heaven she would be crying too. (She cried over Publix commercials at holiday time LOL). I'm just so happy to see the gifts that will forever remind them of this special time & their homeland.