Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Presentation of the Gifts

As our family walked into Mass Sunday morning, we were approached by an usher and asked to take up the gifts in preparation for Communion. Let me just say that our kids love taking up the gifts. It always feels like such a gift, in itself, to be asked!

My heart sang, during the homily, when the Priest spoke about using our God-given gifts and talents to help others and how we can all make a difference. I was humbled on so many levels...reflecting about how God has made a difference in our family through adoption...thinking about how many amazing people in that very church (and beyond) used their gifts and talents to help us get Joseph home. And wondering how our precious children will use their God-given gifts in their futures.

All grace. Then to be chosen to present the gifts to the altar that very morning? The Holy Spirit spoke to my heart!

This was the first time we've been asked since Joseph's been in our family, so we weren't exactly sure who would carry what for our special assignment. As I pondered the scenario, I pictured Madi carrying the Precious Blood of Jesus, as she always has in the past. But, instead of Charlie carrying the Precious Body (the "Holy Chips" as the kids call them) as he usually does, I envisioned Charlie and Joseph taking up the large collection basket together--one on each side. 

Well, when the time came, Charlie insisted on keeping his favorite task of carrying the Eucharist. He is a creature of habit--that we know. Joseph started to get a little squirmy--obviously concerned that he would be left without a job. When the usher walked over, we asked if Joseph could carry the collection basket by himself, and the usher said it would be fine.

Y'all, I wish you could've seen it... 

Joseph marched up, about five paces ahead of the rest of us, carrying that basket so proudly up to Monsignor Tom. It was almost as big as he is! I only wish I could've seen his face...I can totally imagine his facial expression, given such an important duty. A couple of friends confirmed that he did--indeed--look quite proud as he strutted forward to the altar. But the sight from behind was priceless and precious, too!

Of course, I had tears in my eyes. What a blessed and special morning at Mass for us. And what a beautiful surprise from the Holy Spirit.

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