Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Seeing Santa Claus 2007

Madi's first trip to see Santa was in the company of both sets of Grandparents, her Aunt and Uncle and cousin Matthew. It was not a very pleasant event for Madi with the exception of the family gathering. She had no idea what was going on and insisted that I remain right by her side with Santa. My brother has the disk with the photos, so I'll try to get them and post a photo soon.

Last year was much better. We prepared Madi's wish list in advance. She was a bit tentative when she first laid eyes on Santa, but we assured her everything was fine. She brought her baby Xiao Xiao for the occasion, along with Grandma and Grandpa Murphy. Madi handed Xiao Xiao over to Santa first--to make sure he could be trusted with her precious baby. Then he wooed her with a beautiful silver bell. She was on his lap in no time; although, she still continued to act a bit shy. Madi gave him her list and voiced her requests. It was a wonderful experience.

We went for a great dinner at Legal Seafood and continued shopping in the mall after dinner. Grandma Pauline and I split from Grandpa, Jimmy and Madi to go into a store. When we came out, we couldn't find them. Shortly thereafter, we heard a child yelling, and it was clearly Madi's voice. We then saw Jimmy and Madi running by with Grandpa following behind. Jimmy was holding Madi up and she was shouting, "Tanta! Tanta!" They were chasing Santa Claus, who was about twenty feet in front of them. All of a sudden, she was the bravest kid in the bunch!

Her three requests from Santa last year were: a baby tiger, fizzy water (La Croix, preferably), and M&M's. She was obviously a good girl last year, because Santa delivered all of those things and more!

This year, she wants Santa to bring her a pinata...

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