Wednesday, December 3, 2008

We'll miss you, Miss Dawn!

Yesterday's happy news was followed up today by sad news. Miss Dawn, Madi's teacher from her Little Owls class is leaving the YMCA to pursue a better career opportunity. Miss Dawn is a very special person in our book--in many people's books actually. One of our first 'Mommy and Me' classes together was under her leadership. Madi and I took her class together for about 9 months.
Eventually, I decided that I wanted to begin working out, so I began leaving Madi in the babysitting room occasionally. What a painful experience. It was like ripping Madi's heart out, and mine too. She hated that room. I'm still not sure why--the women were very good to her. I suspect there were too many babies, and she wanted to be a big girl.
One day, I walked her to the babysitting room, and she flipped out like she'd never flipped out before. It was probably her fourth or fifth trip there. She took my arm and dragged me down the hall crying for Miss Dawn. I knew that Miss Dawn was teaching a class at the time, but I was in complete shock. Something (Madi) compelled me to walk into Miss Dawn's Little Owls classroom that was in session. We walked in the room, and I know I looked like a deer in the headlights! I just stared at Miss Dawn and said, "Do you take 2 1/2 year olds?" full knowing that the class was for 3 and up. She, like the saint she is, saw the despair on my face and took Madi into the classroom without question and sent me on my way to the gym. My entire workout was filled with confusing thoughts about what I would do next week if Madi flipped out and how I would get out of this one. I felt that I had really gotten myself into a difficult situation. When I went to get Madi after the class, Miss Dawn cheerfully greeted me at the door and announced that Madi did great. She also offered to begin taking Madi into the Little Owls class even though she wasn't 3 yet. Miss Dawn had solved all of my problems!
Madi trusted Miss Dawn in territory that hadn't been treaded before--new places and new faces, and ones without Mommy included. I know there will be many other 'Miss Dawns' throughout Madi's life, but the original Miss Dawn will always hold a special place in our hearts for helping us both deal with the pain of separation. We wish her only the best and we love her dearly.

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