Saturday, December 20, 2008

The Spirit of Christmas

It is so easy to get back to the true meaning of Christmas when you see children sing and praise Jesus. Yesterday, we attended Matthew's Christmas pageant at St. Vincent's. Matthew was a shepherd, and his line was, "Come and worship everyone! Hear the Christmas story of God's son!" He was so precious. All the children were so precious. Madi especially loved the song "Happy Birthday Jesus". She can't wait to be on that stage someday too. Great job, Matthew!


Biba said...

The school's Music Director has worked a mini-miracle with the talents of the students. It was a touching performance by all grades, and Matthew looked resplendent in robe and headdress. Madi has made her plan to dominate the stage when her turn comes. The photo of them embracing each other with pride speaks to their pure love for each other. They strive to be together every minute possible, but that doesn't mean they never disagree.

Mo said...

This family is way tooo cute.

When is Andy moving??