Saturday, June 5, 2010

Hannah's Gift

Before Daniel's surgery, we had arranged a night out and babysitter Hannah Shulte came to watch Madi, Daniel, Jonathon and Jules. We did not see these precious photos until after Daniel had gone to heaven.

What an amazing gift that Hannah had managed to capture, in one short evening, so many sweet and candid pictures of Daniel doing his favorite things--swinging and sliding in our own backyard. These were posted on a board at Daniel's Mass reception, and they need to be shared. The stunning black and white photo of Daniel in the previous post was also taken by Hannah and given to us when Daniel was in the hospital. We had it hanging on his ICU room door.

These photos are like gold to us now.
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Biba said...

Golden photos for a Golden Boy.

Carmen said...

Sweet pictures of a sweet boy.

Anonymous said...

These pictures are precious. We are continuously thinking of you and keeping all of you in our prayers.
--Allison & family

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful gift and captured Daniel as you knew him and loved him. God's blessings and continued strength.