Monday, June 14, 2010


Daniel was absolutely fascinated with birds. He loved them. It always amazed me that for such a little guy, he could spot a bird in the sky a mile away. He would point his little finger to the sky with such excitement. I think he was meant to have wings. I think he is loving them right now.

That is just one of the imprints Daniel made on my heart. I never used to pay attention to nature like I do now. I hear every bird chirping. I find myself really listening to their beautiful songs. I notice every bird soaring up in the clouds. And I picture our little angel, Daniel. I can't help but smile.


Melissa Portie said...

I am smiling too. Still praying for you guys!

Mo said...

That is beautiful!!!!!!!!!!

Ana said...

That's beautiful, Lisa! Gi has the same effect on me except her fascination is with insects. 3Ds

Anonymous said...

Your strength is amazing. Thank you for all the updates and the wonderful stories of Daniel. He did touch so many lives. I think of him and you all often.
Thank you for giving us something to smile about.
Jennifer Smith

Spring Transleau said...

Hi Lisa, Wanted you to know that you and your family are still in our prayers. I have that picture of Daniel on my table. I see it every day. Such a beautiful Guy!
Anyway, your faith is inspiring. Such a woman of grace you are. I am honored to know you.

Barb and Ken said...

Hi Lisa. Our sweet angel Amanda, my granddaughter, was born into Heaven March 16, 2008. From that moment on I see her as a butterfly, free and happily going from flower to flower. Like you, it seems I notice more butterflies than ever before in my life. Unfortunately though, unlike you, I can not yet smile. Please pray that day comes to me. I need to know in my heart our sweet angel Amanda is fine and happy.
Barb Hines