Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Rainbow

On the day of Daniel's funeral, a thunderstorm broke out in the afternoon and then the skies turned blue and the most beautiful double rainbow formed in the sky. Madi and her little friends were jumping up and down in the yard shouting, "DANIEL, DANIEL!!!" It was such a beautiful gift, but I knew not how symbolic until this week at Bible Camp.

The morning Daniel passed away, I was able to give Madi one piece of good news that I knew she would look forward to and be happy about. The timing with Daniel's departure to Heaven would allow us to do the SVF Bible Camp together like we've done every year. She'd been talking about it all year, but we had to decline earlier with everything going on in the hospital. Apparently, the camp coordinator had miraculously kept one spot open and wasn't sure just why--until she received our news. She feels certain that it was the Holy Spirit saving a spot for Madi.

The theme for this week is "The Spirit of the Seas", and the first day we learned the story of Noah's Ark. What I had forgotten was that after the flood, God gave Noah the precious gift of a beautiful rainbow as a symbol of God's promise that he would never destroy all life with a flood again. The kids made the cutest little rainbow wind chimes that say 'God keeps his promises.' After receiving the gift of that beautiful rainbow last Wednesday, I took it as the perfect confirmation that Daniel is safe in the arms of God.


Carmen said...

What a nice provision that a spot was saved for Madi and that you saw that rainbow. Both reminders that no matter the heartache you are going through you are loved by the Almighty.

The Zanegood said...

This is a beautiful story. I have been thinking of you and your family.

Jeanne Zanegood

Anonymous said...

Haven't stopped thinking of u & sending peace love & light your way. You were an extra-ordinary example of faith & love at Daniel's mass. Lisa, watching you sing in celebration of your son Daniel, was a life-changing moment for MANY! I know you know what I mean. God Bless You!
Be gentle with yourself when you feel weak, we are a spiritual being in a human physical body. It is a constant conscious effort.
Daniel is in the light & love of Jesus & Mama Mary, all the Angels, & Saints, in Heaven, divinely embraced! I know u know that but again, we are still in the physical & our hearts & souls hurt. I do know one thing for sure, in the Light & Love of Jesus, Daniel has the "super power" of clarity...he now knows his purpose...his example...& he sees & understands the bigger picture. His beautiful spirit will continue to live on. He has chosen YOU as his family, to love him unconditionally, on this journey. You are so blessed. Daniel would not want you to be sad for ONE SECOND!! Never forget the beautiful gift you are to eachother.
Thinking of you & sending you my LOVE LOVE LOVE & A BIG BIG SQUEEZE HUG!
Dana xo