Monday, July 5, 2010

Operation Tadpole

Our dear friend and neighbor, Carol, just had a swimming pool built in her backyard and it was "ready for swimming" the other day. Madi just couldn't wait to get over there to take a dip this morning. As we entered the pool, we noticed that there was a bit of debris, which didn't seem abnormal given the rain squalls we had yesterday. Right away, I spotted a frog or two that I pulled out of the pool. Then I noticed something much smaller swimming around. It was a tiny, tiny tadpole. As I looked around, it was easy to spot more tadpoles. Apparently, the pool hadn't been balanced yet and was basically like a big swamp! We asked Carol for some plastic cups and began our tadpole saving mission. We scooped literally hundreds of tiny little tadpoles into a large bucket for Jimmy to take to the lake. He made five trips. The frog population (and the lake fish, I'm sure:) were loving us today! Madi had a blast knowing that she was saving these babies. She was so fired up about the whole mission. It was precious. When we came home, Jimmy ordered us right to the shower!

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Michelle Gemma said...

She could be Caleb's little sister. That's right up his alley! Isn't nature so refreshing. It's the little things it has to offer us that make the biggest impact some times.
Thanks for the extra frogs, maybe they'll eat some of these mosquitos!