Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Popcorn for breakfast

I love Summer. All our schedules thrown out the window. Nothing to rush out the door for. Just sun, fun, and cuddle-bugging in the mornings while watching cartoons.

We have managed to have a great and busy Summer so far, without enrolling in camps and expensive activities. Madi has enjoyed relaxing, and yes--watching that forbidden television too. Down time is exactly the medicine we've needed for reflecting and for healing.

The next few weekends will bring some small family trips that we've planned. These little trips are giving us a lot of excitement to look forward to. We can all use the break, but especially Daddy who's been working so hard while we're goofing off.

This morning Madi requested popcorn for breakfast. Popcorn and strawberry lemonade to drink. Request granted, happily I might add. I just love Summer:)


Biba said...

Popcorn for breakfast? Wherever did you get that idea? :-)

Anonymous said...

My youngest always wanted that for breakfast, I didn't fight it and she is the sweetest 12 yr old you will ever meet! Nothing wrong with popcorn, great fiber, just like in most of those cereals! At least that's what I told myself!