Monday, July 19, 2010

Visit to New Smyrna

We had a really nice relaxing weekend in New Smyrna with Aunt Diane & Uncle Shrimp. We arrived on Friday and Aunt Diane had laid out big plans for Madi. Her "to do" list consisted of: swim, make a cake, wrap presents (for Daddy and Uncle Shrimp's birthdays), and make cards. She stayed busy all day enjoying each task, especially licking spatulas, beaters & bowls:)

I love that Madi enjoys "the little things" in their company. This trip, she was absolutely fascinated by two things--their cuckoo clock and an old-fashioned record player. She would drag Uncle Shrimp into the room a few times a day so he would adjust the clock and she could get the full cuckoo experience. She also loved dancing to records with both of them and loved the fact that most kids have never even seen a turntable, yet she has!

We got a kick out of the fact that when Madi would wake up and go out in the living room, she would order Jimmy and I to stay in bed and rest. She really loved having her quality time with them, and it was clear she wanted to embrace every moment of time-dominating opportunity!

When we were saying our goodbyes, Aunt Diane and Uncle Shrimp thanked Madi for coming to visit, to which she replied, "Thank you for coming to visit Daniel." Always thinking of her little brother...

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