Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Beginning of Advent

What a beautiful way to celebrate the beginning of Advent season. Friends of Grandpa Murphy dedicated a mass in Daniel's name at his church this morning. The first candle lighting of the season represents Hope. Hope for our salvation. Hope for the return of Jesus Christ. Such a beautiful message to hear at a mass dedicated to Daniel as our family waits in hope for the arrival of Charlie.

A few days ago, when I told Madi that we would carry up the gifts today at mass, she told me that had a feeling she would be taking up the "Holy chips", because they always give the "Holy chips" to the kids. Cracked me up. Well guess what? Much to her amazement, they gave Daddy the "Holy chips" and entrusted her to carry up the Holy water! She was beaming with delight that they chose Daddy to handle the 'easiest' task and not her...

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Biba said...

Holy chips; potato chips - Makes sense to me.