Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Halloween Fun

It was a busy weekend of Halloween festivities starting with the SVF Trunk or Treat on Friday night. Madi enjoyed hanging out with her gal pal, Livi and her buddy, Coston. On Saturday, we did trick or treating on the avenue. On Sunday, we attended a Halloween birthday party for our mei mei friend, Avery, in the morning, and of course trick or treating Sunday night. Madi decided to be Jasmine for all occasions.

We were joined by the Socha family once again for Halloween night, and the girls had a ball. When we went trick or treating, she heard me say that one house "looked promising". After that, she declared which houses "looked promising" and which ones did not. It sounded so funny coming out of her mouth.

I think Madi's favorite part was handing out candy in our driveway. It was a difficult task teaching her to only give two to each person. I caught her caving a few times and giving out handfuls. She was very adamant that kids needed to do the right thing and say 'trick or treat'. If they didn't say it, she would look at us, so that we could prompt them to say something. That was her cue to give them candy. She was also a stickler for thank you's and made note of which families used their manners and which ones did not!

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