Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Charles Stanley.

I concede. Charles Stanley it is. I have been totally overruled in our household, and I must say I'm okay with that.

Madi is determined to call the baby Charlie. We tried using Stanley a few times to "test the waters", and she tried too, but she keeps insisting that he's Charlie every time. Works for me. There are plenty of adorable nicknames we can give him and knowing our family, he will have more than he can handle!

Shanghai Charlie--hang in there buddy--we're coming for you!!


Carmen said...

Well, I am upset on your behalf! Why can't the mother have a say in this?

It happened to me too. Ami would have been Abigail if I had my way, but seldom does that happen. Her brother actually named her, I just changed the y to an i so it would be a little different.

Biba said...

Charlie Stosh. That can work :-)

Anonymous said...

we have been praying for CHARLIE since day one.. love it!! Nicki

Anonymous said...

Definitely call him "Shanghai Charlie" Love it!!

Lora said...


I cant wait for Charlie to make his way into my class...I'll make sure we have lots of bubbles! Daniel was amazed with bubbles!