Friday, February 25, 2011

Looking for Charlie

Earlier this week, I was turned on to a Yahoo group for families who've adopted from Shanghai and families who have received referrals from Shanghai.  I sent an introduction to the group, and we received a warm welcome from several families. One of them mentioned that we should look through the photo albums to see if we find Charlie in any of the pictures.

I have spent the week maniacally combing through each album, searching for Charlie. After a couple of days, and claiming that several boys were him, I stumbled on this picture and realized that I've seen that expression before--that familiar little turtle face had appeared in one of our update photos from Holt.

Could this be Charlie?

It is so hard to say for sure. The update photos we received in the fall were taken probably in October when he was about 13 months old. This picture that I found online was taken in mid-December, which would put him at about 15 months. This child certainly looks much older and his accomplishment of building a tower of blocks at 15 months seems unlikely, so maybe it isn't him, but the face sure looks right.

I have seen many photos of what looks to be an amazing orphanage caring for Charlie. It looks clean and well supplied. They have a preschool and a sea of cribs all with warm fluffy blankets. The kids all look happy, and they aren't even bundled in the middle of winter, which is unusual for China!  It seems that Charlie is getting the care that we've been praying for.

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Carmen said...

Such a treasure to find photos of him. Sure does look like Charlie, same features but looks more than just 3 months older. He could just be holding the blocks that someone else built for him. Great find if it is him.