Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Two Wheelin'

Madi ditched her training wheels a couple weeks back. Let's just say she was "competitively motivated" by one of her preschool besties that mastered the task a week before. Madi was determined not to be outdone for long!  Her competitive spirit cracks us up.

Her success did not come without a few bumps and bruises. She careened into the bumper of Jimmy's truck, sailed into the bushes a few times, and was stopped short by a tree trunk or two.  But she succeeded. 

Last weekend, Jimmy took her to an empty parking lot to hone her skills. They worked on figure eights and turning in circles.  She is really proud of her major accomplishment and is sure to announce to everyone she sees that she's riding her two-wheeler now.


Anonymous said...

I took Tommy to an empty parking lot too and he really got banged up because he could build alot more speed. I kept telling him, "slow down!!!" It was no fun buckling a screaming kid in the truck and driving home to clean/bandage his many abrasions!! Boys want to go fast despite not knowing how to steer yet. Kudos to Madi on her accomplishment. - Tracy Simmons

Anonymous said...

awesome pic.. congrats madi--that is sooo cool and kai is sooo not there yet!! will show her this pic for some motivation! xxxx000xxx

Carmen said...

Way to go Madi ! Hopefully you and Ami will get to bike in the summer.

julie said...

ha. i am just reading this now;) yay madi!!! so fun. we will have to get the girls together again and bring the bikes so they can ride away;) so fun. thanks again for the awesome bike you gave ruby. she LOVES it and it is so perfect for her! xoxo


Awesome Madi! Congrats to your BIG girl!