Saturday, February 26, 2011

Still no Travel Approval

I waited until I could no longer stand it and emailed Holt for an update on travel approval at around 7:00 our time last night.

Since there were no new TA's floating around the office, they sent an email to Holt's Beijing staff and they were advised that a batch of TA's were sent to the agency on Friday (Thursday here) by the CCAA, so, they are now hopeful that our TA will arrive in the office next week.  Having said that, they do not know whether our TA is among the group, but they all say "it should be!" based on the timing.

Crazy as it sounds, there is still a possibility that we may travel to arrive in China on March 18th. The next travel date after that will be April 8th. 

I am so glad that I emailed them. Jimmy and I were on pins and needles all day in anticipation of travel approval. We should know better than to "expect" such things. Once again, we swallow a dose of reality that this is not about our timing.

Please pray for TA!