Monday, June 13, 2011

Bible Camp 2011

Last week was our annual SVF Summer Bible Camp. It is truly one of our favorite weeks of the year, because Madi and I get to participate together since I volunteer as a group leader, and she is in my group. 

This was something totally new for Charlie. It was his first experience being separated from us for several hours a day for a week straight. I peeked at him several times throughout the morning, and it seemed like he was always eating (what else is new??) and almost always being held be one of the fabulous camp counselor volunteers. He really bonded with our friend and neighbor, Maia Schulte. In fact, by Wednesday, when I went to take him from Maia, he pitched a fit!

Though Charlie clearly had a great time in the "Sweet Peas" room for the little ones, his exhaustion showed. He would pass out moments after we would get into the van at 12:00. After all, I normally put him down for his nap by 11:30, so his schedule last week lagged a bit behind. I'm sure the week's events were confusing for him, but at the end of the day, he was back at home--with his family.

Bible camp, as usual, was so fulfilling and such a great learning experience for both me and Madi. With a theme of "Sowing and Growing in God's Garden", we studied Creation, The Garden of Eden, The Sower parable, the Barren Fig Tree parable, and the Mustard Seed parable.

The week didn't go without a hitch, however. On Thursday, I was challenged to do the obstacle course with the five-year olds. I was holding my own until I tripped over one of the 6" hurdles (pathetic...I know) and ended up going down. It happened so fast, but yet in slow motion at the same time. Thank God for our village. One friend took the kids home for me. Maia came home and babysat for the afternoon. Another friend's husband drove right over to SVF and took me to an urgent care center for x-rays. I am humbled, once again, by our amazing community here. We are truly blessed. Luckily, there was no bone breakage, but I am on crutches and have been instructed not to bear weight on my left leg until I have an MRI tomorrow and meet with the doctor on Friday.

I have to remain thankful, even for this experience. It has made me slow down, for sure, and it has made me have a higher level of respect for people with disabilities. Crutches are much more difficult than I ever imagined. It has made me learn to sleep on my back, something I've struggled with for a long time. It has also forced Madi to become a little more independent, since I can't answer to her every request and demand. It has also reinforced what an amazing husband I have. All weekend, he ran around like Cinderella (literally) doing everything possible for me and for the kids. I am blessed to have him, this I know.

Another year of Bible Camp gone. We were sad to see the week go, but we are better for it and better for the lessons that we learned this year. Amen.

Madi and one of her besties, Ana Socha

They enjoyed donut lollipops of the World at snack one day.

Charlie ate ice cream all by himself one day.

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Biba said...

Dancing on crutches gives a whole new meaning to "swinging" :-)