Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Mommy's Big Helper

Madi's been tremendous under these crazy circumstances with Mommy hobbling around on crutches. Twice this week she accompanied me to stores to assist with shopping.

When we arrived at Target, a kind store employee saw me getting a cart and suggested that I use the automated cart. I really didn't think of that as an option...but okay.  So, he gave me some simple instructions, and I hopped in.

As I put the cart in reverse and attempted to steer my way out, I banged into the side railing and almost backed into a post. Madi was mortified. She was both very concerned and clearly afraid of humiliation at the same time!  Honestly, I wasn't sure that I was too comfortable with the situation either.

"Madi, would you rather push the cart, and Mommy will walk with my crutches?" I asked. I observed a huge sigh of relief as she adamantly replied, "YES!" shaking her head up and down quite violently.

She pushed the cart the entire time. She was the subject of much attention for being such a big helper to me. She was also the envy of one little boy who said, "Mom!  Look!  That little girl is all alone!"  He proceeded to demand that he should get out of the cart and be allowed to push his Mom's cart too. What would I ever do without my amazing and determined assistant?  Of course, I pay the price by letting her choose a treat (or two) of some sort, but it's totally worth it!


Biba said...

Your little gal has had to make so many adjustments in her mere five years of life on earth. She always lives up to what has been expected of her.

Barb and Ken said...

I have had to resort to using the automated cart due to health issues. Beleive me, when people see me coming, they move. So glad Madi is helping her Mommy.
Nana to five

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about your injury Lisa but thank heavens for Madi!! Girl Power!! Take care of yourself and I hope for a speedy recovery.
- Tracy Simmons